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J11: Fiat CR 42

J11: Fiat CR 42
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Название: J11: Fiat CR 42

Автор: Forslund, Mikael

Издательство: Mikael Forslund

ISBN: 9163116693

Год издания: 2001

Язык: Swedish/English

Количество страниц: 191

Формат: PDF

Размер: 97,6 MB

Fiat CR 42, or more known as the J 11 of the Swedish Air Force, was regarded as a n?dk?p. During two rounds in 1940 purchased a total of 72 aircraft from Italy. The first twelve aircraft were
destined for the Swedish volunteer squadron F 19 in Finland. The aircraft could not be delivered to 19 F before the "Finnish Winter War" ending 13 March 1940. The aircraft was taken over instead of
the Swedish Royal Institute of Flight Management and placement were F 3, on the airfield ore in Link?ping. Additional 60 pcs Fiat CR 42 was purchased in October 1940. These aircraft and the
remaining from F 3 came in the autumn and the summer of 1941 will be transferred / delivered to Q 9, which was based on F 7! In the summer of 1941 the F 9 to their own airfield Save in Gothenburg
in use. The aircraft did a good standby, although they were hopelessly outdated. Many accidents occurred, unfortunately, fatal. In 1944, the newly established flight squadron F 13 Norrk?ping borrow
a division J 11: or F 9th In early 1945, the story J 11 definitive end of the Swedish Air Force. Six J 11: or sold as spare planes and 13 pieces in the air condition was sold to the Swedish
Aviation Services Ltd, as a civilian registered them and used them m?lbogsering the defense for about a year. A J 11 was saved for posterity and is now on display at Flyvapenmuseum in




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