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Schaums Outline of Signals and Systems, Second Edition

Schaums Outline of Signals and Systems, Second Edition
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Автор: Hwei Hsu
Название: Schaum's Outline of Signals and Systems, Second Edition
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Год: 2011
Формат: PDF
Размер: 15 Mb
Язык: Английский
Modified to conform to the current curriculum, Schaum's Outline of Signals and Systems complements these courses in scope and sequence to help you understand its basic concepts. The book offers practice on topics such as transform techniques for the analysis of LTI systems, the LaPlace transform and its application to continuous-time and discrete-time LTI systems, Fourier analysis of signals and systems, and the state space or state variable concept and analysis for both discrete-time and continuous-time systems. Appropriate for the following courses: Basic Circuit Analysis, Electrical Circuits, Electrical Engineering and Circuit Analysis, Introduction to Circuit Analysis, AC and DC Circuits.
- 571 solved problems
- Additional material on matrix theory and complex numbers
- Support for all the major textbooks for electrical engineering courses kin electric circuits
Topics include: Signals and Systems, Linear Time-Invariant Systems, LaPlace Transform and Continuous-Time LTI Systems, The z-Transform and Discrete-Time LTI Systems, Fourier Analysis of Continuous-Time Signals and Systems, Fourier Analysis of Discrete-Time, State Space Analysis, Review of Matrix Theory, Properties of Linear Time-Invariant Systems and Various Transforms, Review of Complex Numbers, Useful Mathematical Formulas
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