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Incredible English 3 pdf, mp3, swf 200Мб

Incredible English 3 pdf, mp3, swf 200Мб
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Название: Incredible English 3 (Class Book, Activity book, Flash stories, Class Audio CDs)

Автор: Sarah Phillips, Michaela Morgan

Издательство: Oxford University Press

Год: 2007

Формат: PDF, mp3, swf

Размер: 200 Mб

English level: Beginner

Ages: 6 and over


A six-level course with a higher vocabulary load and more reading than most primary courses.


Top authors Sarah Phillips and Mary Slattery have brought their understanding of how children learn to this incredibly well thought through course. Your pupils will definitely learn more!

Who is it for?

For schools with 4 hours of teaching per week, or with 3 hours per week looking for a more demanding course.

Key features

Introduces more vocabulary, more reading and more lessons than most primary courses.

The Fixit Game poster is an original and fun aid to help teachers and students manage their learning.

Incredible English Resource Pack gives teachers all the tools they need to make English lessons memorable and fun: Norton the puppet, flashcards, photocopiable masters and story frames book.

Fun, lively stories, written by popular children's story-writer Michaela Morgan.

Two pages in every unit combine learning another subject in English with language learning, with notes that make them easy to teach.

Encourages learning of other skills, such as working with others, learning how to learn, and to understand more about their own culture and that of other children.

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